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When I went to the U.P. for a weekend back in June, my friend and I were helping out our professor with watching Piping Plover chicks and making sure that they survived the duration of their life “in the nest” I’m going to call it. Haha.

Releasing banded baby Piping Plover chicks on a beach in Grand Marais! This experience was so wild and I loved every minute of it!

How it worked: A group of “banders” came out to the beach one morning, and we all located the chicks. Mind you, these guys are seriously so small, they’re like cotton balls with legs running across the beach! And then we would toss these light weight, mesh basket/net things on top of them. The chicks were placed in those bags, awaiting to be weighed and banded! Following these actions, was the release! The best part, in my opinion. :) After, shifts were assigned to watch the chicks to assure their safety from predators.

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