tryign to sit here and study for my final tonight and I keep almost falling asleep



Azure Butterflies (Celastrina spp?)
Depending on who you talk to, azures may be a single, widespread, variable species with many subspecies, or a complex of many very similar but distinct species; the group is often referred to as the “Spring Azure complex” as a result. 
Telling the different species/subspecies apart can be tricky, often best done by time of year and range. Adding to the difficulty in identification is the fact that many of the species are also seasonally variable, with later broods slightly different in appearance than earlier ones. 
The name of the complex comes from the originally named species, Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon); this label is now typically used to refer to the species/subspecies found throughout the east that is often one of the earliest butterflies seen in spring. 
Azures are distinguishable from many other co-occuring small blue butterflies by the lack of orange on the underside of the hindwing. Males and females are dimorphic, with females typically having much broader black bands around the outsides of the wings. photo by Paul Ritchie (Paul:Ritchie) on Flickr
(via: Peterson Field Guides)

There is a nice summary of the azures present in eastern North America on BugGuide’s Celastrina page.
I follow the splits as best as possible when I’m identifying insects because it seems like they are based on good evidence.


The other day at work, I found a perfectly intact gerbera daisy on the floor, so I wore it in my hair for the remainder of my shift. Then I dried it and pressed it in my thoughts journal. The other pages are filled with scribbles and rough handwriting, but this page is clean and simple and it describes how I felt on that day

setting up camp in alaska! photo taken by ourwildways !

When I sit here, right next to the water, the time stops and I realize how small I am compared to everything. My body is so small in this universe. We are so small.

Crying because of the kind words people share with me about my character and it makes my heart heavy and sore. I don’t know how to respond or what to say to reciprocate similar perceptions. I’m no good with words. And I keep asking myself why or how, simply because I don’t see what they see. I feel the struggle and pain and wonder why I put myself through this. THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS. WHAT IS THIS.

Here I am, left on the inside looking out, wondering.

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